It seems like every day there is something wrong with me.  My foot hurts, or my back hurts, or i have a headache, im always hungry, i have a cold, or something.  I wish there was one day where this didnt happen.

Also i have trouble staying on task.  One day im interested in reading and the next im making a virus for computers and the next i want to work out.

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Microsoft Security Essentials

So today i did a scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.  This is basically the number one antivirus program.  It said there were like 10 java exploits, 3 Trojan horses, and 2 worms.  Also there were some stuff wrong with the registry.  And you know what?  My full-time anti-malware is Microsoft Security Essentials and it says that there isn’t a thing wrong.  Anyway, the worm was called Conflicker B. (

Conflicker, as you fellow IT guys might know, is a computer worm that strikes computers with a weak password or security holes, doing insane damage.  It doesn’t strike computers with a strong password and antivirus software.  (unfortunately the password to my computer is very weak.)

So my computer was infected with Conflicker B and another worm, which i forgot the name of.  I am pretty glad i did the malwarebytes scan, or i would have been screwed.  So i deleted the worms with malwarebytes, and found that Microsoft Security Essentials was not a very good anti malware program.

I cant remove it, because someone wants it on the computer, but if you guys have it, switch to AVG or malwarebytes.  (No Norton or McAfee crap)

avast is also OK.

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Agent 20432701

You know how the tooth fairy takes teeth from kids at night and gives them money?  Well, i thought of a better way to explain it.  You could pretend that the tooth fairies are a dental organization, and that they give your child money for teeth, because they need the teeth for research.  So i called my sister’s fairy Agent 20432701.  Here are some letters that include answers for you forgetting to give money, requesting to find a tooth because it was lost, etc.

Hello, customer.  Agent 20432701
failed to receive your tooth.  The
tooth in question was stuck under
the pillow, so we could not get it.
This money should be enough for
the trouble.

Hello, customer.  Agent 20432701
found that the item you placed
under your pillow was not a tooth,
but a pebble.  Please do not
do this, as we have other
customers waiting to recieve their
money for selling their tooth.
Have a nice day,

Hello, customer.  Agent 20432701
received your tooth, and gave
you payment.
Thank you,

Hello, customer.  Your request for
the tooth search was granted.  We
found the tooth in question, and
paid you for it.
Thank you for your buisness,

Hello, this is a message from:
Agent 20432701
I am a tooth fairy, and needed to
talk to you.  If you have an e-mail
adress, please write it down and
put it under your pillow so I can
e-mail you if there are any problems.
Thank you!

I have to try this next time……..

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desert creatures…


YoU aRe ThE 100000000000000thh vizetor to this site!  Clickk here to get you prize!

 Sorry about that.  I “promise” that nothing like that will ever happen to you again.  Anyway…

So, after all of that annoying distraction to get you to read this post, I’m going to talk about serious stuff.

This is a post about a really awesome suggestion for minecraft.  If you don’t think it’s awesome, you obviously have some weird mental disorder.  Here is the suggestion:

Desert creatures.  See, there are creatures in all biomes, but there are no creatures in the desert biome.  This doesn’t really make sense…  So here are a few ideas that Jeb could implement into the game.

Desert spiders (way smaller than regular spiders)


Komodo dragons

It would be a great idea to make a mod for this, but they should really be implemented into the game.  It would seriously be a great idea.  If you want to have desert creatures, then please spread this idea, and maybe it will eventually happen.  That’s really it, except for this:

Red ones in nether.

In overworld, small blue ones.

These should be very rare, and could drop diamonds and have treasure in their lairs.  (also could have potion ingredients!)

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Remember the first time you had diamonds, minerals, and emeralds in an abandoned mineshaft?  Then, just when you weren’t expecting it…

you fall into lava.  Not just the 1 block deep lava, but the 5 block deep lava you can’t get out of.  LAVA IS EVIL!

There is probably a god on minecraft that is evil and causes this stuff to happen.  like, finding diamond and then a creeper blows you up.  At least then, you can go get your stuff back.  In lava, your stuff is burned away…  Then you delete your world or ragequit ot go back to your spawn like nOOOOOoOooOOo!


So, lesson learned… Just bring only what you need into the mine.  Store stuff underground in storage rooms.  Don’t die. 

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So i’m writing a book, and I am trying to find the most dangerous country in the world.  I have found multiple lists of the most dangerous countries in the world, and i saw one on the internet that had Iraq as the second most dangerous country and Afghanistan as the third.  And on the top was…



Not really dangerous.  I mean, COME ON!

There is a war in Iraq in afganistan, suicide bombings, shooting, shooting, shooting, sucide bombings… bombs…

Somalia is totally peaceful these days.


Looks like somewhere I’d want to spend my vacation.

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I made a skydiving thing today.


So, the tower is made of water bricks, and there is a button that teleports you to the top.  You can jump off and shoot on the way down, or spray paint on the way down, or land on the platforms on the way down.

There is also a target shooting place here.  By the way, I dont have the Dedicated Server files, and i need to start one.  Could anyone tell me how to get a downloaded version?

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I have no idea how to name this post.


I’m getting lunch from sonic today.  I think I’m going to have a burger with medium tots.  Anyway, 2 days ago i created a new runescape account, so I’ll tell you how that’s going today.

On my main account, my combat level was 59 or something but now its like 3.  Here’s me:


Yeah, look at that.  I actually got hacked for all my money on my old account, so i thought why not make a new one.

( I lost 5m, an obsidian cape, and full saradomin armor.)

Well, i just got 2 xp lamps from the Squeal of Fortune, so i leveled up 2 times in attack.  Yay.  I can have steel weapons.

Well, thats it for today.  (Maybe a large tots, too. :D)

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I got on slopes…

I got on slopes TDM on blockland yesterday.

It was fun until this troll called Reddarkness joined the game.  He was telling everyone that all the terrain was going and all the maps in Blockland v21.  I usually dont mind trolls, but this guy was really repeditive.  He was like “Say goodbye to slopes, and bedroom.  Youll never see them again.  Say goodbye.  v21 will ruin it.  Read this blog post on the blockland forum.”

Actually, I ended up reading that blog post that he said to read on the blockland forum and it did say on the post that shadows would come in v21.  It didnt say that the Slopes and Bedroom maps would be removed, according to what I read, so i figured he was just trolling, because he would insult people who said he was trolling.  He actually convinced some people he wasnt trolling. 

Even if all of the maps are going to be slate maps, it doesnt matter because RTB will come in with a bedroom map add-on later anyway.
By the way, check out this build.


This is my blockland mansion so far.  It’s my main build, and i’ll try to keep this site updated about it.  I’m trying to make it better than the one that was built into the game.

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